The fenugreek seeds in diet of parturited Aissi sheep (2-3 years age) are studied to determine their influence on blood parameters, liver, kidney, and mammary gland functions .Twelve experimental treatments are carried out, control group (T1¬) is fed diet, composed of barely 50% wheat bran 25%, wheat flour 15% molasses 5%, urea 2% lima stone 1%, common salts 1% and nutrition complement 1%. Second group (T¬2) is fed as (T1) ration with 10gm fenugreek / head / day. Third group (T3) is feeds as (T1) in addition to 20gm fenugreek head / day. The results indicated that RBCs, WBCs and Hb conc. values are significantly (P<0.05) higher in (T¬2) and (T3) than control group (T1). No significant differences among treatments are found in PCV and MCV. Total protein, albumin and globulin are significantly (P<0.05) effected by adding fenugreek in (T2) and (T3) comparing with control group (T1). The results also show that glucose and cholesterol in (T2) and (T3) decrease significantly (P<0.05) as compared with control group (T1). No significant difference among treatments are found in all AST, ALT enzymes, urea and creatinine. (T2) and (T3) recorded the best values milk quantity during sucking periods comparing with those control group (T1). .From previous results, it could be concluded that fenugreek seeds should be used as milk yield increasing agent.