This study has been carried out to evaluate the effect of using oils of some kinds of spices (garlic, black seed, corn &mint) on prolonging the preservation period of soft white cheese. Two pieces of soft white cheese have been purchased from Al Batool Company and distributed on five treatments(control, garlic, black seed, corn and mint).Samples of cheese are coated by oils of the spices and then stored in refrigerator for different periods (1,3,6,9,12) days. During these periods done evaluation of sensory characters for cheese (color, flavor, texture, bitterness,) to all treatments and the results were analyzed statistically.
The results which have been obtained show that garlic treatment exceeds other treatments in keeping sensory characters. Black seed and corn treatments come in the second rank. The results also reveal that a significant(P<0.05)superior of garlic and black seed treatment as compared to other treatments in keeping the chemical composition of cheese (PH, moisture, acidity nitrogen, VFA).The inhibitory effect of garlic and black seed is obvious and significantly P<0.05)on microorganism, particularly total count bacteria, which is(21×103 and 30×101) cfu/g respectively for garlic treatment Vs (47×103 and 38×101) cfu/g for black seed .Generally the results show that possibility of using oils of spices as preservative materials, because they are able to increases the preservation period of soft cheese for 12 days. While samples of control, exposed to many changes in all studied characters when store for the same period.