The search aims at determining is the level of training needs in general growers of protected vegetables, determining the relationship between the training needs of growers of protected vegetables and some of independent factors as : (age, educational level, the number of family members , the number of years of work in the area of protected agriculture, exposure to agricultural sources of information related to agriculture protected ) , and to identify the problems faced by protected vegetable growers in the district of Diwaniya . In order to achieve the objectives of the research a questionnaire has been prepared in the light of the literature , opinions , the approval of the relevant experts and it consists of three parts : the first part deals with the factors independent of the aforementioned , the second part : includes a measure of needs for training in the cultivation of protected vegetables that consists of (46 ) items are distributed among three axes:
1. creation and installation of greenhouse , 2. agricultural operations related to soil service, 3. agricultural operations related to crop service . its higher degree has reached 138 and the minimum degree zero , while the third part includes the problems that the growers of protected vegetables may encounter in the district of Diwaniya. The data collected during of August, September, and October / 2012 by questionnaire and personal interview method of proportional stratified random sample of protected vegetable growers by 80% and by 86 respondents .
The results of the search show the average scores for training needs for all growers of protected vegetables amounted to 93.02 degrees, and 51.16 % of the respondents are scores training needs within the medium level of need , it has shown a correlation between training needs of respondents and each of the independent variables : (age, education level ,family members , the number of years of work in protected agriculture , exposure to sources of agricultural information related to agriculture protected , to the problems faced by growers of protected vegetables , the results show that the problems of lack of provision of quality seeds at subsidized prices, the lack of provision of pesticides appropriate for vegetables protected and subsidized prices , lack of processing of agricultural fertilizers needed for protected vegetables comes first of the levels of the problems ,while the problem of for the sources of water , the fields of farmers ranked last among the problems . The most important thing recommended by the researcher is the need to take care of this type of protected agriculture through the development of specialized training programs on the part of the Ministry of Agriculture – General Authority for Guidance , Agricultural Cooperation and in Coordination with the Colleges of Agriculture . The researcher also recommended the need for agricultural equipment and other agricultural companies providing agricultural inputs needed by vegetable growers and especially protected seeds , pesticides , fertilizers and subsidized like strategic crops as wheat , rice and maize .