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Nineteen filamentous fungi have been isolated from sediments collected from different sites in the Suqalshuyokh marshes of Governorate of Thi- Qar by dilution method. The results show that Deutromycota fungi is more dominant genera with 94.5% and the second dominant genera is Ascomycota with 2.5% the third dominant genera is Zygomycota with 2.5% .Aspergillus niger and Fusarium solani are more frequancy with 100% in all samples, but Aspergillus fumigates , penicillium funiculosum are 83% and the percent of A. flavus reached to 33% , at the same time the percent of another fungi has reached to 16%.
The results showed that the different sites in this study have no high effect on fungi diversity in sediments of marshes due to the similitary of environment in study sites .