Life span of Sitoroger cerealella which was reared on various diets is studied at laboratory condition ( 27±1C ,60±5%RH) At the agricultural laboratories of the Ministry of Science & Technology , during 2009-2010 .The results has shown that the shortest period for development this insect is 34.8 day when it is reared on rice (variety ,Amber) ,while the longest period was 53. 2 day , when it is reared on wheat .The results of this study proved that there's no effect for the type of diet on the longevity of males and females, time before and after eggs laying .The results also has shown that ,the diet have effect on eggs number which are laid by females and hutching percentage .Maximum average of eggs laying is recorded by the female on maize (104.2)/female ,while the minimum averse of eggs which have laid (52.6)/female ,for the adults reared on rice (variety ,Amber).High eggs hutching percentage was recorded for the females which have reared on rice (variety ,Amber) 94.71%, while the minimum is 64.46% for the females are reared on barley .Finally the study record that the high emergence of adults 54.81%for the females reared on rice (variety ,Amber ) while the lowest is recorded for the females reared on wheat 26.94% and the sex ratio always toward the males except the adults emergence from the diet of rice (amber) which has the sex ratio is (35male:39female).