The research aims at identifying the rice farmers' attitude in Al-Muthanna Governorate towards System of Rice Intensification(SRI) and finding out the relationship between farmers' attitudes according to some variables , determining the differences levels between the attitude and some variable.
The research community consists all rice farmers at Al-Muthanna Governorate whose covered by activities, training, and application of(SRI), their numbers reached to (2400) farmers in Rumatha, Warkaa, Majd, and Najmi locations.
Random proportionate sample(5%) has been chosen, so as the sample size become(120) respondents. In order to achieve the objective of the research, a questionnaire form has been prepared to collect data from respondents by personal interview method. To achieve the research aim, a fivefold scale has been used. The highest score on the scale was(393) degree, whereas, lesser score is(289) degree. The scale involves (90) items with average arithmetic (337.65), and the standard deviation (20.72).
The result have showed that the (65.00%) of respondents have favorable attitude towards the System of Rice Intensification(SRI), (21.67%) of respondents could not solidify their attitude, (13.33%) of respondents have unfavorable attitude.
Result have shown significant differences in respondents attitude according to variables: education levels, size of holdings, type of holdings, number of rice sowing years, and no significant differences in respondents attitude according to variables: Age, family number, agricultural extension activities participate, and agricultural information sources.