This study has been undertaken to investigate the mineralogical properties and morphological features of very fine sand fraction in some forest soils / northern Iraq .
The morphological features of very fine sand fractions were studied by optical microscope . Results have shown that the grains of these minerals from individual soil horizons have different colours , those from the surface horizons have dark brownish spots , due to staining by organic matter , those from (B) horizon have a yellowish grey – to yellowish brown spots due to accumulation of Iron oxides , and those from the (C) horizon are grey , similar to the parent rocks . Results of light minerals indicated that quartz is dominant due to effect of parent material of these soils . Two types of opaque minerals (black and brown) are found , wheras the brown opaque minerals were dominant in heavy minerals .
Three groups of transparent heavy minerals are found , stable minerals (Pyroxen and Amphibole , metastable minerals) (Epidote and Garnet) , and Ultra stable minerals (Zircon and Tourmaline).