A field experiment has been performed during the season of 2009 year in silt clay of soil in the zone (Abi Garaq) (15)km west Hilla . To study the effect of the cultivars ( Behoth106 ، Tabarek، Talar ) and four Levels from Zinc (0 ، 2.5 ، 5.0 ، 7.5( Kg/ ha-1 in the seed yield and the other plant properties .The experiment applied has been carried out by using (R.C.B.D) with three replications . The results have indicated that using (Behoth106 )variety significantly increases the number of grain in rows ، using (Talar) variety significantly increases the number of rows and percentage of moisture ، and (Tabarek) cultivar gave the best grain yield (5914.08) Kg/ha-1. significant incensement are attained by increasing the levels of Zinc fertilizer in yield and grain yield ، level (7.5) Kg/ha-1 results maximum grain yield (6062.21) Kg/ha-1 . No significant interaction between cultivars and Zinc fertilizer has been noticed in yield and grain yield.