A field experiment has conducted at the Wassit governorate during 2009 and 2010 growing season to study the effect of planting dates (1,15 June and 1 july ) on the Behavior characteristics four Rice cultivars (Baghdad, Menathera, Furat and Anber-33
The experiment has been conducted as a factorial experiment with R.C.BD design with three replicates to determine the best cultivar and the best date to production .
Results have showed that the second planting date (15 of june ) is significantly higher than the other dates in flag leaf area ,number panicles , number of grain in a panicle , grain yield and less infertility ratio .
Menathera cultivar is significantly earlier of flowering 50% smallest mean for flag leaf area، The Second planting date(15 of june ) give the highest grain yield (4.388 and 4.388 ton/hec ) respectively.
Furat cultivar has given the smallest mean of infertility percentage .Baghdad cultivar is superior in plant high, number of panicles, number of grain in the panicle , 1000 grain Wight ,and the grain yield (4.003 ton / hec) . The interaction of second date with Baghdad cultivar gives the highest grain yield (5.200 and 5.030tan / hec) respectively.