A field experiment has been conducted at AL-Muthanaa Governorate, during 2009 , 2010 and 2011 growing seasons to study the effect of four planting dates (1, 10, 20 June and 1 Jules) 0n growth and yield of six rice genotypes (IR-60819, RP-2235, MESHKAB-1, MESHKAB-2, YASSMEN AND ANBAR-22).Factorial arrangement in R.C.B. Design is used with three replicates .
Result have showed a significant effect of planting date on flag leaf area, infertility, number of panicle per m2, number of grain per panicle, grain weight, and grain yield that arrive 5.01, 5.28 and 4.87 ton/ ha. The genotypes significant effect in all studied characteristics except infertility, The genotype of YASSMEN and MESHKAB-2 genotypes have high mean of grain yield 3.98 and 3.65 ton/ ha at 2009. MESHKAB-1 and YASSMEN genotypes have given high grain yield 3.98 and 3.73 ton/ ha at 2010. MESHKAB-1and IR-60819 genotypes gave high grain yield 3.76 and 3.42 ton/ ha at 2011for tow genotypes respectively.
The interaction has significant effect on studied characteristics especially in 2009 and 2010.
The combinations (ANBAR-22 x 10 June) have given high grain yield 5.57 ton/ ha. (YASSAMEN x 10 June) have high grain yield arrives 5.75 ton/ ha in 2010. In 2010 the combinations (YASSAMEN x 10 June) and (MESHKAB-1 x 10 June) have given high grain yield amounts to 5.47 ton/ ha. The low means of yield for genotypes were obtained with 1 jule sowing date.