Ten soils are chosen from different geographic sites from Iraq :Abu
Ghraib(Three soils) ,Al-Jadriya ,Dyala (Tow soils) , AL-Sulaimaniya,Al-Kut
,Al-Nasriya , Al-Dewniya they differ in their chemical and physical properties ,
to determine Kinetic values (activation energy and temperature coefficient ) of
amidase enzyme in soils . The ten soils are incubated at 10-60 C° of incubation
temperatures ,and amidase activity is determined at each degree to calculate
kinetic values temperature coefficient (Q10) and activation energy (Ea) in soils
.Results have shown that the increasing of temperature cause increasing
hydrolysis of formamide (Amidase activity ) ,and the results have shown Q10
values of soils are between 1.83-2.37 ,where as Ea values are between 59.17-
86.61 K Jol.mol-1 .