This experiment includes the measurement of some chemical characteristics
of AL-Najef sea water which situated at the west of AL-Najaf Governorate
.On September,15,2010. Samples are collected from five locations to study :
temperature , electric conductivity (EC),PH, hardness and concentration of
ions : Chloride, Sulphates and Carbonates.
Results have shower that the measurements of :temperature ranges (20-
28)CV, EC (39-206.6) μm/cm; PH (4.6- (400-873)mgL. The
concentration of ions ranges were of Chloride (200-1400) mg/L; Carbonate
(70-155) mg/L and Sulphate (260-1400)mg/L.
Results have also revealed ,that the values of temperature, conductivity and
hardness are increased with water movement toward the sea with an
increased concentration for the studied ions . These results have indicated
that sea water of AL-Najaf is polluted with an acidic behaviour.