The present research studys the effect of some biological and physiological
materials on the two isolations Alternaria sp. The study includes the effects
of some species from cultures media on the Alternaria sp. Growth , it is
found that the difference between the two isolations from appearance side
in the dishes or microscope .Cultures media appearance is high efficiency in
growth fungus Alternaria alternata and get diameter of the colonies as to
isolation Alternaria teunissima .Therefore Alternaria teunissima as to
isolation appearance on the (PDA) media ,as well as that the effect of a
number of chemical materials on the species of Alternaria sp are
represented in (sodium chloride ,sucrose ,sodium citrate, sodium
carbonate) and it is noticed that their effect on the two isolations with the choice number of concentration it and it is observed that the efficiency on
tow isolations .Also it is observed that the effect of the number of heating
degrees on isolation and that it used to keep the nutrient , as well as the
choice bacillin of fungicide that it is used in that protecting of crops from
and prevention the rot getting rather observing it effect on the tow