This study is conducted to examine serum of (334) Camels in Al- Najaf
slaughter house, which includes (219) males camel and (115) females camel
during the first of July until the end of September/ 2010 , to investigate
antibodies against Toxoplasmosis by Latex agglutination test as well as to
estimate the levels of their antibodies by using semiquantative test.
The total percentage of infestation 20.35%, and sex has no significance on
their infestation in examined camels (16.89%) in males camel and 26.95%
in females camel. The highest percentage of seropositive with
Toxoplasmosis is recorded in adult camels 23.33%, while it is (15.3%) in
young camels .The results reveal that the highest titration of antibodies
level is 32 (19.11%), and there is no significant effect of sex on antibodies
level, while the age of examined camels is affected significantly.