This study has been carried out at two regions (Al-Qurna and Al-
Mudayna) by using 27 of local buffaloes (11 calves, 16 heifers) during 2008-
2009 which are belonged to dams with five lambing seasons and their age
groups rangs studying 3.5-5 , 5.5- 7.5 and 8 years and over. The current
study aims at study the effect of age of calve and heifer, sex of borns, dam
age, lambing parity on different body measurements, and to study the effect
of borns sex, age of dam and lambing parity on birth weight of calves and
heifers. The results can be summarized as follows :
Age of calve and heifers appears significantly (P<0.05 or P<0.01) effect
on all body measurements, where these measurements are increased with
the progress of the age of the calves and heifers, initially from birth to 22
months of age, chest girth and hip girth dimensions inquire larger change
in all periods where are (12.296 and 11.333 cm) from birth to 4 months of
age,(18.519 and 18.408 cm) for period from 10-16 month and (66.111 and
64.741 cm) for period from birth to 22 months of age. As well as it is found
that portional growth for body length, wither height, rump height, chest
girth and hip girth dimensions from birth up to 22 months of age are 68.49,
70.84, 46.55, 63.47 and 57.16 % respectively. It can depend on these changes
for early prediction of body measurements which have higher correlations
with others at age of 22 months.
It is noticed in this study that sex of borns, age of dam, parity lambing
have been affected significantly (P<0.05) on different body measurements
which are increased with the progress age of dams.
The overall means for birth weight of buffaloe borns is 37.617 kg, this
trait is influenced significantly (P<0.05) by sex of buffaloe born, age of dam