The study is conducted to determine the effects of Humic acid and planting
distances on growth and yield of Karkada ( Hibiscus sabdarifa L.) The
seeds are planted directly in field at 19-5-2010 . The experiment is designed
as a factorial experiment 322 by Randomized Completely Block Design .
The humic acid is sprayed on the leaves in rates of 0 ( control ) , 1.5 and 2
ml liter after one month from seedling emergence and in same rates
recurrent after one month . The seeds are planted at two distances 50 cm ,
70 cm. Results show that the humic acid has significantly effect on fruit
weight (5.53) gm and height plant(192.90)cm.
The planting distances have no significant effect on all plant traits . The
interaction between humic acid and planting distances have significant
effect on chlorophyll content(59.60) spad , number of Branches (37.60)
branch per plant , fruit weight (5.57)gm and plant height (132.0)cm.