A field experiment is carried out at Mishkab Rice Research Station , Al-
Najaf Governorate during summer season of 2008 to investigate the
response of rice to Herbicides ( Bispyrabic-Sodium , Propanil and
Oxadizon) on some characteristics , yield and its component of cultivar
Jasmine. The design used is RCBD with four replication. Bispyrabic-
Sodium causes a reduced number of weed at stages 30 , 60 and 90 day, from
plant sowing 16.7 , 75.7 and 80.3 plant.m-2 and also reduces the dry weight
of these plant by 83.6% compared with control treatment, therefore it gives
high value of plant height 91.6 cm , biological yield 1998.9 gm.m-2 , number
of tillering per square meter 420.6, number of grain per panicle 127.5
grains, also it gives highest paddy of rice 966.0 gm.m-2. It can be concluded
that the different of dosages among the herbicide gives the same result of
weed control and increasing paddy of rice according to weedy treatment.