Document Type : Research Paper


Ministry of Education, Al-Rahman School, Babil, Iraq.


Field experiment conducted at winter season 2022-2023 on clay sandy soil in Al-Diwanyia. The experiment was design as CRBD with three replications arranged for split-pilot design, in lest significant differences ( LSD0.05 )the main treatment contend two groups inoculation and non inoculation within there four levels of Nano Zn( 0 , 1 , 2 , 3) g.L-1. I took sample of soil before planting to analysis it and to learn physical and chemical traits. Mung bean were sowing at rate20 kg.ha-1(3cm depth) at 1/9 , after 5 months I took a sample to measure . The results showed all factors and interactions were significant effect and increased all growth traits (plant content of protein , carbohydrates total Chlorophyll and fats,) lead to increased grain yield max values (8.2 Ton.ha-1) at interaction of Glomus mosseae e inoculation and 3 g.L-1 Nano Zn level, while min value(5.81 Ton.ha-1) at interaction no inoculation and 0 g.L-1 Nano Zn level.


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