Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Agricultural Technology, Institute of Applied Sciences, Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin,

2 University of Ilorin

3 University of Ilorin, Nigeria


The study examined the use of social media among the agricultural students of tertiary institutions in Kwara State, Nigeria. One hundred and twenty agricultural students was selected in four tertiary institutions in Kwara State, Nigeria. The data collected was analysed with the use of frequency count, Percentage, Mean and Standard deviation. The result revealed that 20.8 years was the average age of the respondents. About 64.2% were male and about 91.7% gets information through social media.  The average monthly money used for buying data for subscription was 1922.00 Naira and the average hours spent on social media per day was 7.38 hours. About 77.5 % of the respondents uses smart phones to access social media platforms. Facebook (93.3%) was the most frequently used social media platform. Communication/calling (87.5%) was the main motive for using social media. Social media makes communication to be faster (=4.11) was the highest ranked perception statement. High cost of data ((=2.64) was the highest ranked factor affecting the use of social media. The study therefore recommends that data service providers should consider reducing the price of data and government should make policies that will be of benefits to data users.


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