Document Type : Research Paper


1 National Institute of Agronomic Research of Algeria (INRAA)

2 Department of Commerce, Faculty of Economics and Business and Management / University of Kasdi Merbah - Ouargla, Algeria.

3 University of Mohamed Kheider, Biskra Algeria


This study focuses on the characterization and functioning of the oasis agricultural systemin in the upper part of the Oued Righ valley in southeastern Algeria. It aims to determine, through surveys, the determining elements of production systems, their evolution constraints and to understand their evolution dynamics. The results obtained, according to the cropping system criterion, enabled us to identify and characterize four types of agricultural production systems : (P1) Date palm system-associated crops-breeding, it is the most present system and which presents a certain profitability and a better dynamism. (P2) Date palm system associated with crops, (P3) Date palm system associated with marginal breeding but which remains a relatively profitable activity, and (P4) production system practicing only date palms which is characterized by a stagnation and very reduced agricultural activity being limited to a few cropping operations.


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