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الانتاج الحیوانی - کلیة الزراعة - جامعة تکریت


The study was conducted in the Fish Laboratory / College of Agriculture / University of Tikrit to study the effect of poultry waste powder supplemented with the Bromelain and Papain enzymes at rates of 2% and 3% on growth rates, 60 fish were randomly distributed with two replicates for each treatment, 6 fish for each replicate into 10 aquaria. The fish feed containing poultry droppings powder were prepared and chemical analyzes were conducted and they were used to feed common carp fish Cyprinus Carpio L. Treatment T3 recorded the highest weight gain of 91.49 g, while it decreased in treatment T2 to 69.85 g. The relative growth rate of treatment T3: 54.62% increased, and the specific growth of 0.30 g / day, and the efficiency of food conversion decreased in treatment T4: 28.30% compared with the other treatments. Significant differences were recorded at the level (P≤0.05) between the different experimental treatments, and most of the treatments covered the common carp requirements of essential amino acids.


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