Document Type : Research Paper


University of Ilorin


The study examined the rural women’s coping strategies against the effects of covid-19 pandemic in Ilorin East Local Government Area of Kwara State, Nigeria. Eight five respondents were randomly selected in seven communities for the study. The data was collected using frequency count, percentage, mean and Pearson Product Moment Correlation (PPMC). The result reveals that all the respondents (100%) were aware that covid-19 had been declared as a pandemic. The increase in price of goods and services (= 4.59) was the highest ranked perceived effect of covid-19 pandemic on the respondents. Rearing of animals (= 1.46) was the highest ranked coping strategy adopted by the respondents against covid-19. There is significant relationship between coping strategies and perceived effects (r=-0.207, p=0.057) at 10% level of significance. The study there recommended that there should be provision of more awareness on covid-19 pandemic and there should be creation of additional job opportunities in the rural areas for women who are affected by covid-19 pandemic.


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