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1 Faculty of Agriculture, University of Al-Qadisiah, Iraq.

2 Faculty of Agriculture, University of Aleppo, Syria.


This research was carried out in the Research Center of the Faculty of Agriculture in Al-Muslimiya, 240 hybrid Babcock B300 female laying hens were randomly distributed since the first day of the experiment into four independent groups. Each group included 60 birds according to three replicates (20 birds in each replicate). Lactic acid bacillus was added to the feed mixture according to three levels (50 mg/kg; B group, 100 mg /kg; C group and 150 mg/kg; D group), while the first group was considered as a control group (A group) and was without additions. During the production period, the results showed that the addition of lactic acid bacillus led to significant differences (p<0.03) in the egg production and shell thickness compared with the control group. The additions did not affect the egg weight and feed consumption rate as well as the feed conversion ratio. The birds of the third group (C group) showed clear superiority in various productive traits compared to others in the other groups throughout the productive period followed by the birds of group D and then group B. The current study concluded that adding 100 mg /kg lactic acid bacillus to the feed mixtures for laying hens will contribute to raising the productive efficiency of laying hens and improving egg specifications.


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