Document Type : Research Paper


1 College of Education for Pure Sciences, University of Diyala, Iraq

2 College of Agriculture, University of Diyala, Iraq


The experiment was carried out in a private agricultural field in Baladrooz district, Diyala Governorate, Iraq in the autumn season 2019-2020 to study the effect of spraying with sorbitol and boron on the vegetative growth characteristics and oil percentage of rapeseed. Spraying of boron 50 and 100 mg  gave the highest mean in root length 28.59 and 27.83 cm, number of main roots 32.19 and 32.61, number of pods 739.8 and 746.8,  and oil percentage  45.08 and 47.43 % compared to boron 0 mg (untreated plants) which reached 26.36 cm, 28.92, 616.5 and  43.24% respectively, while spraying of sorbitol 30 g recorded the highest mean in leaf area 298.14 cm, fresh weight of leaves 13.44 g, dry weight of leaves 1.244 g, root length 29.43 cm, main roots number 34.21, number of pods 746.9 and  oil percentage  47.78 %  as compared with sorbitol 0 g (untreated plants) which reached  248.50 cm, 10.81 g, 0.962 g, 25.54 cm, 25.49, 602.5 and 41.36% respectively. The interaction of spraying between sorbitol and boron on rapeseed plants resulted in a significant increase in all studied traits, where treatment of boron 100 mg with sorbitol 30 g led to a significant increase in leaf area, fresh weight of leaves, dry weight of leaves and root length, which reached  338.33 cm, 14.99 g, 1.323 g and 30.16 cm respectively, whereas the treatment of boron 100 mg with sorbitol 20 g recorded the highest increase in the number of roots, number of pods and percentage of oil, as it gave 36.50 , 869.2 and 49.67% respectively.


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