Document Type : Research Paper


College of Agriculture, University of Wasit, Iraq.


The study was conducted on the water quality of Tigris River in upstream of AL-Kut Barrage during the period of August 2018 to June 2019. Six vertical sections have been selected upstream of Al-Kut Barrage. The distance between one section to another was 100 m, the first section begins at 350 m from the origin of Barrage. The result showed that the values of cadmium ion were 0.0346 ug/L to 0.0707 ug/L. The Lead values of the Tigris River water samples were 4.29 ug /L to 8.33 ug /L. The values of nickel ion have been ranged between 7.59 ug/L to 9.75 ug/L. Zinc ions have been recorded 53.5 ug /L to 72.1 ug /L. The concentration of above ions was situated within Iraqi and world Health organization (WHO) criterions that relating with propriety of water of Tigris River for drinking and irrigation.


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