College of Agriculture / University of Al-Qadisiyah , Iraq


Beneficial microorganisms play a key role in the availability of ions minerals in the soil and use Randomized Complete Block Desing ( R.C.B.D ). The objective of this paper to the study effect of the of biofertilizer and miniral treatments on availability of NPK for crop corn zea mays L.Two types of biofertilizer are Bacterial Bacillus subtilis and Fungal Trichoderma harianum. Three levels of potassium fertilizer are (2.9533, 0.4000 and 2.9533). A field experiment in fall season of 2018 Has been conducted in silty clay loam soil. The experimental Results indicated that Bacillus and Trichoderma inoculation separately or together Have made a significant effect to increase in the availability of N P K in the soil compare to other treatments. The grain yield is where (2.9533, 0.4000 and 2.9533) of bacterial and fungal bio-fertilizer and potassium fertilizers respectively as compared to the control.