College of Agriculture / University of AL-Qadisiyah, Iraq


This study aims to estimate the economic efficiency of using economic resources to produce broad bean crop with their technical and allocation efficiency . It also aims to do a comparison between the optimum quantities and the actual quantities of used resources. Data were collected through a questionnaire of 20 crop growers in the Al-Qadisiyah province / Al -Badair county during 2017 planting season. This research Using data envelopment analysis in the assessment of economic efficiency and the separation of its components into technical and allocation efficiencies in achieving its objectives. Input oriented models is used under constant and variable Scale returns in the technical efficiency calculation. Variable Scale return is used in allocation efficiency and cost efficiency calculation. capacity efficiency average was 77%, and technical efficiency reached an average of about 81%. This indicates that the sample farmers can achieve the same level of production using 77% of the production resources with maintaining the current level of production. Cost efficiency averaged about 40%, which indicating that the sample bear additional costs of 40%. The research reached many results related to economic efficiency, including the waste of economic resources resulting in cost increases. Therefore, the research recommends to use of production inputs according to the scientifically recommended quantities and ways, especially the quantity of seeds and fertilizers, in line with the crop needs to reach optimum efficiency. .