University of Baghdad/ College of Agriculture


Results of x-ray diffractions for Bulk soil, represented by the horizontal distance 50H, show the presence of low-crystalline chlorite, smectite and regular interstratified chlorite- smectite in soil under Citrus aurantium trees. Re sults of clay sample in soil of palm tree show a presence of smectite and swelling chlorite, while the presence of the interstratified minerals is very low. Also the results show a presence of swelling chlorite, smectite and Biotite in soil of Morus trees. Generally, the results show that the process of mica transformation into 2:1 minerals in the Bulk soil, is very weak.
The x-ray results show that the rhizosphere soil(0) of Citrus aurantium trees content is smectite and mica, with regular interstratified mica-smectite, while the results show the presence of smectite, chlorite, and regular interstratified chlorite- smectite and mica-smectite, in rhizosphere soil of palm trees. As well as the inspection of clay samples of Morus trees, show the presence of chlorite and smectite with two types of interstratified minerals, irregular smectite-mica and regular mica-smectite.
In general, the results of x-ray show that the transformation process of mica to 2:1 expandable minerals in rhizosphere soil exceeds the Bulk soil of all type of trees. While the superiority of mica weathering, and increase of Smectite content in all rhizosphere soils are taken as in the following sequence:
Morus trees soil > Palm trees soil > Citrus aurantium trees soil