1 University of Baghdad, College of Agriculture

2 Al-Qadisiyah Agricultureoffice


The research is aimed of specifying the knowledge level of broiler breeders concerning infectious disease Bronchitis (IB) in Saniya district Al-Qadisiya province and to identify the knowledge level of the respondents in each axis of the axes defined as following: (knowledge with Nutrition and preventive measures and health care, as well as to identify the knowledge relationship level of the respondents in all of the following independent variables: Age, academic achievement and years of experience and energy productivity. To achieve the objectives of the research after briefing research concerning the knowledge about infectious bronchitis as well as illumination with experts and specialists opinions in the field of agricultural extension and broiler, Knowledge test has been identified which consists of 40 items are distributed on the axes defined above. Each paragraph has a degree, thus degrees of the test ranging from 0-40 degrees. Research community includes all the broiler breeders in AL- Saniya district ( 70 breeders), random sample of 50 breeders has been taken from them with72%.
The research concludes that the highest numerical value obtained by the respondents in the knowledge of the disease is 34 degrees, and the lowest numerical value concerning (11) with an average score of (24.04) degree and a standard deviation of $ (5,443) degrees and the knowledge level of respondents describe as an average. . Results show that there is a correlation between the knowledge level of respondents and age. There is significant positive correlation the knowledge level of respondents, academic achievement, years of experience and energy productivity. The researcher recommends the agricultural extension to have the role in the provision of extension services to farmers..