Al-Qadisiyah University/ College of Agriculture


Aiming to study effects of soil depth and rivers slop on total boron concentration in Middle Euphrates River Reion that represent in the sedimentary plain, soil pedon samples of cultivated territory that adjacent to rivers were taken. These regions are located in provinces of Karbala, Babylon, Najaf, Diwaniyah, and Al-Muthana. Ten soil pedon were taken of soils that adjacent to the main Euphrates River, the Al-Hilaa, and the AL-Daghara Rivers in these provinces. Soil pedon of soils that on the banks or close to the main Euphrates River were taken of counties of Twarije, Kufa, Gamas, and Al-Samawa. In the same way, soil pedon of Missaib, Hashmiah, Diwaniyah, and Rumitha are adjacent to the Hilla River and soil pedon of Al-Daghara and Affak belongs to the area of Al-Daghara River. Results show a reduction in total boron concentration for all of the tested soil pedon directly related with the depth. Aggregate boron concentration values are the highest at the surface layer and reduce as going depth except for soils of Al-Samawa and Al-Rumitha. Total boron concentration values are fluctuated between 1.033 mg. kg-1 and 14.658 mg. kg-1 in all of the studied soils. the results showed too the total boron values are not conducted with the tourmaline mineral percent in all sites..