University of AL-Muthanna/ College of Agriculture


An Experiment has been conducted in research station (the first) of the college of Agriculture / University of Al-Muthanna for the period from 07/22/2015 until 09/5/2015 in order to study the effect of adding aqueous extract of anise seeds recipes on the body weight and feed conversion of Japanese quail. A total of 256 of day old quail chicks which are randomly distributed into four treatment groups,64 chicks are per treatment . Chicks in each treatment group have been subdivided into four replicates (16 chicks for each) the aqueous extract of anise seeds has been added to the drinking water at the rate of 25,50,75,0 ml per liter of drinking water for the four treatment groups respectively .
The data show that water treatment is significantly (p<0.05) improved live body weight gain, feed intake and feed conversion of Japanese quail chicks.