College of Agriculture University of Baghdad


An Implemented pot experiment has been conducted in Al-Qadisiyah city - sadder AL- Yusufiya - District 9 in Spring planting season 2016 to study the effect of the overlap between the mineral , organic and bio fertilization in some growth indicators to maize crop (Zea mays) in Silt Loam texture soils with factorial experiement according to completely randomize design (Complete random design) and with three replicates. The expenneit has been done by adding mineral fertilizers (240 kg N. ha-1 and 80 kg P. ha-1 and 120 kg K. ha-1) three levels (0, 50% and 100%) respectively; and two levels of organic fertilizer (0 and 10 Mg. ha-1) respectively; and two levels of bio-fertilizer (0 and 2 ml. L-1) respectively to the irrigation water.
The addition of mineral , organic and bio fertilizers has a significant effecct on the dry matter amount and the treatment (M2O1B1) is given the highest average of the dry matter,which reaches to 57.27 g.pot-1 as compared with the control treatment (M0O0B0), reacches to 20.46 g.pot-1 and the increasing percentage reach to 179.91%. There are no significant differences between (M1O1B1) and (M2O1B1).
The triple overlap among the metal and organic fertilizers and bio has a significant effect on increasing the percentages of N, P and K in maize plants%, the treatment (M2O1B1) has achieved the highest average of 3.67% N and 0.49% P and 2.19% K respectively, compared with the treatment control (M0O0B0) 2.21% N and 0.23% P and 1.33% K sequentially with increasing which presentage reached to 66.06 N% and 113.04 P% and 64.66 K%. There are no significant differences between the treatments (M1O1B1) and (M2O1B1). (M2O1B1).