College of Agriculture University of Al Muthanna


The experiment has been conducted at of Al Bandar's station affiliated to all University of Al-Muthanna / college of agriculture during the season of 2015-2016 to study the effect of spraying NPK foliar in the growth and yields of three varieties of split peas (Pisium sativum L). Experiment has been designed at a split plot design within a randomized complete sectors (R.C.B.D.) with three replications. Have been distributed three varieties Bonn Basque , Salkopou and Voksbonne in the main panels with three concentrations of spraying Foliar NPK (27-27-27) on the shoots (0, 5. 10 ml/ltr -1 ) in the secondary panels, the results show that the dry weight of vegetation differed significantly between the varieties under study where Bonn Basque recorded a highest weight of shoot which is 21.85 g while the product has been scored Voksbonne less weight, reaching 6.09 g, while the plants sprayed with the solution process recorded NPK which contributed to weight gain Dry where by concentrate 10 ml / l higher weight record which is 15.36 g as compared with non-sprayed plants .It is no ted that the search results of leaves , content of chlorophyll may log vegetative weight in the category Salkopou which is amounted to 34.86, while the class recorded Voksbonne less weight 32.23 g while the results of the spray using the solution NPK with a demonstrated focus of 10 ml / l higher content of chlorophyll recipe number Alqrnat in plant and Albdhur.aly Qurna weight have shown results of the experiment cultivar has surpassed Bonn Basque the highest number Qrnat while the class has recorded Voksbonne less weight while spraying the solution NPK increase of the number of Alqrnat as well as the seeds of the horn weight where the excelled focus 10 ml / liter on the rest of the concentrations used .
0.7 tons / ha superior results also show the superiority of class BonneBusk recipe for winning the overall, scoring the highest quotient amounted to 0.69 tons / ha Panama show spraying brine concentrate NPK 10 ml / l holds on the rest of concentration.