College of Agriculture University of Baghdad


To find out the effect of the manure (plant residues) in the growth and yield of potatoes in calcareous soil conducted filed experiment has been in a field located in physical education areas–Baghdad University- Jadiriyah campus in fall season in 2015-2016 in a LoamySand soil, the study included two factors the first factor includes four sources of manure O0(without adding) O1(paulty) O2(wheat straw) O3(palm fronds) with volume is 30 Tan h-1 and the second factor includes the application of three levels of the chemical fertilizer M0(without application) M1(120 kg N +60 kg P+200 kg K) M2(240 kg N+120 kg P+400 kg K) layed out in a (RCBD) with three replication, manures and the phosphate fertilizer are added before two weeks of planting. The seeds of potatoes class are plantal (Desiree) in 22 September 2016, by adding the nitrogen and the potassium fertilizer in three equal times in 21,45,70 days after planting. At the maturity stage are measurements of plant height, number of main stems and the maturity stage reaped of the vegetative parts and calculated the dry weight of the shoot on 22January 2016 tubers are taken off and measure the total yield of tubers. The results show a superiority of the treatment of poultry of out was performed other than the treatments of wheat straw and palm fronds as indicators of plant height 68.00cm, the number of main stems 3.63 stem plant-1and the dry weight of shoot 7.04 Ton h-1and the total yield of tubers is 49.94 Ton h- Wheat straw treatment has given lower values in the studied indicators measuring treatment of poultry and palm fronds its gave plant heights of 57.40 cm and a number of main stems 2.50 stem plant-1,the dry weight of shoot 5.70 Ton h-1 and the total yield of tubers is 40.92 Ton h-1The treatment of the mineral fertilizer M2 which has the superiority in studied indicators Measuring this paperwork M0 and M1 given plant height 69.37 cm and the number of main stems 3.80 stem plant-1and the dry weight of shoot7.04 Ton h-1 and the total yield of tubers is 50.09 Ton h-1.Intergration of organic fertilizer and mineral fertilizer application M2O1has given plant height 75.40 cm and the number of main stems 4.60 stem plant-1and the dry weight of shoot7.32Ton h-1 and 57.22 Ton h-1 the total yield of tubers..