The objective of this study was to compared the quality characteristics in
four type of native fowls which were geese, turkey,duck,and domestic
chicken which included egg weight,percentages of egg shell,egg yolk,egg
white,yolk hight,yolk diameter,white hight and haugh unit.
The chemical composition of egg yolk and white included percentage of
moisture,ash,protein,lipid2 carbohydrates,cholesterol concentration ,high
and low density lipoprotein in egg yolk.
The data obtained that high significant(p<0.05) in the egg weight ,white and
egg yolk hight and in yolk diameter in the geese eggs and highly significant
in the percentage of egg white weight in the chicken eggs.In chemical
composition the result indicated to highly significant in the percentage of
protein in the egg white and egg yolk in the turkey and chicken,highly
significant in the carbohydrate percentage in the white and egg yolk in the
geese and duck eggs and highly significant in the lipid percentage in the egg
yolk in duck eggs compared with other types, while in the egg yolk of the
native chicken was find low significant(p<0.05) in the cholesterol and low
density lipoprotein and highly significant in high density lipoprotein.
The result indicated that the species effected on the quality and chemical
characteristics of eggs and the native chicken eggs have high level of protein
and low level from lipid and cholesterol compared with other types of
native fowls and this type produce probably safer eggs as far as cholesterol
concern so that the chicken egg healthy preferred compared with other