The aim of this research to study the micro nutrients in four different
sites in Euphrates river. The first before the intery of river to Kuffa
city(treatment) and the others after the excite the river from (Kuffa ,
Shamiya and Al-Samawa) cities. The samples (water , alluvials and two
plants read and typha) were taken from the same sites .The micro nutrients
as follows (Fe,Mn,Zn and Cu) were measured of water , adsorbed or
exchangeable and mineral for alluvials and parts of plant(roots , steam ,
The results were summarized as bellows :
1. Micro nutrients concentrations were increased with increasing of relief of
river in front of south.
2. Increased of the percentage of micro nutrients were adding depending of
civilized and industrials wastes and volume of cities.
3. The highest values of micro nutrients concentration in plant parts were
in leave , roots and steam, and the sequence of the micro nutrients for both
plants were:
Fe > Zn> Mn> Cu
Micro nutrients concentration in typha plant was lower than read plant
except Cu which higher in the roots and steam of typha plant .