This study was conducted with the aim of identifying the impact of
the use of partial replacement of rapeseed meal replaces soybean meal on
the chemical composition of the male and female chicken meat.
The study included 60 meat birds on the age of 21 days; these birds were
distributed randomly on the three levels represent the first treatment T1
(0% rapeseed cake) which is the treatment of control and the second
treatment T2 (5% rapeseed cake) and the third treatment T3 (10%
rapeseed cake) duplicate for each treatment (10 males and 10 females) and
the results of the experiment were as follow:
Superiority of the third treatment in moral way on each of the first and
second for the feature of thigh meat and chest meat for both males and
females except the carbohydrates, Did not notice a significant difference
between the two treatments the second and third in the thigh meat and
chest meat.
2. Superiority of the second treatment on the first treatment for most of the
studied features for both meats (chest and thigh) for the experimented
birds except the protein percentage in the thigh meat and the
carbohydrates percentage in the thigh meats of males.
3. There is no significant between treatments for the three studied
characteristics of blood serum , which include uric acid , cholesterol and
glucose for both sexes .