An experiment was conducted in one of the plastic houses – College
of Agriculture - AL- Muthana University For 2009-2010 growing
season . The results bused on three levels of foliar application ( 0 , with
terra . sorb solution and with pro . sol powder ) .The first spraying began
flowering stage and then after each 10 days interval , and the planting
method (direct planting , trench culture with 1 soil : 1 cow manure and
bags culture with 1 soil : 2 cows manure ). The experiment was laid out in
RCBD with 3 replications . Data were collected on (plant height (cm) , No
of branches , stem diameter , shoot WT ,shoot DM , plant yield , fruit WT.
and No. of fruit / plant . The best results were obtained when the combined
application of pro.sol powder with bags culture methods was used.