This study have been conducted in clay loam soil form Habbani-
Ramadi district AL-Anbar province during the fall season of 2009 to
investigate the effect of agricultural spaces among seed-bad(10,20&30cm)
on th growth and yield properties for two sorghum genotypes (Inkath and
The expeniment system was split plot wih R.C.B.D design with
three replicates. The Rabeh cultivar had superiority in each of leaf eara and
its index while the Inkath cultivar had superiority in dry weight yield and
biological yield in addition to its superiority in plant hight, grain yield
harvest index although its was insignificant in comparison with Rabeh
cultivar. The plant density in all of studied traits. The narrow spaces of
(10cm) among plants had superiority in each of plant height, leaf area
index, dry weight yield, biological yield and grains yield in comparison with
large distance (30cm) plants which had superiority in each of leaf area and
harvest index. The interaction between cultivars and spaces affected
significantiy in all of plant traits where the plants of Inkath with (10cm)
agricultural spaces indicated the highest average for plant height
(163.51cm) and grain yield (7.18 ton/ha). The plants of Rabeh cultivar
which planted in 10and 30 cm spaces shows the highest average for leaf
area (43.61cm2/plant) and its index (8.4) respectively .