College of Agriculture-University of Al-Qadissiya


The present experiment has been conducted in the livestock field of the Department of Animal Resources- College of Agriculture /University of Qadissiya for two months in which 30 Friesian cows are used . Cows are Characterized by varying degree of spotting of scalp skin (white to black). All cows of the experiment have undergone under a single food conditions in order to state the effect of the degree of spotting on some amino acids and fatty milk cows in the experiment. Results of this study show no significant effect of the level of 5% for the characteristic of spotting on any of the amino and fatty acids under the study. The overall average for the essential amino acids is as follows: methionine 0.16 , leucine 0.44 , Isoleucine 0.28 and phenylalanine 0.26 g / 100 g, respectively. While the overall average for the non-essential amino acids: Glutamic 1.38 , Arginine 0.20 , Glycine 0.19 and Glutamine 0.19 g / 100 g, respectively. The overall average of the saturated fatty acids as follows: myristic 1.26 , Palmaitic 1.22 , Stearic 0.65 and Butyric 2.16 g / 100 g, respectively, while the overall average for the unsaturated fatty acids is as follows: linoleic 0.83 , oleic 1.55 , α-linoleic 1.07 and Arachidonic 0.22 g / 100 g on respectively.