1 College of Agriculture University of Baghdad

2 College of Agriculture University of Wasit


A field experiment is conducted in Suwara Researches Station in Wasit Governorate in spring season 2015 in clay loam in order to study the effect of sulfur sources R1 agricultural sulfur (90% sulfur) R2-foam sulfur (75% sulfur) at the levels of 0, 2500, 5000 kg,s,ha-1. Represented levels of S0, S1, S2 and time of addition T (30 days before sowing T0), 15 days before sowing (T1) and during sawing (T2) on growth and yield of corn plant (Zeamays L.) and plant content of sulfur using (RCBD) design.
Corn seeds class 5018 have been sowed in plots (2*3 m2) at amount of 120 kg seeds to give a plant density of 60000 plans ha-1. Sulfur is added at 10 centimeters far from each agricultural line. Irrigation water is added when losing of 50% of available water in soil.
Results of the study show a significant effect of sulfur sources (R), levels (S) and time of addition T where agriculture sulfur source R1 on addition level S2 5000 kg S H-1 and addition time at agriculture (T2). Triple interaction treatment R1S2T2 gives the highest values of plant length, leave area, protein (%), dry matter yield, grains yield at 218 cm, 6102 cm2 .plant-1, 15.02%, 12.220 ton. ha-1 respectively, which insures the importance of triple interaction of sulfur supply to plant and its reflection on the growth characters, the yield and plant content of sulfur.