College of Agriculture / University of Al-Qadisiyah


To study the enzymes activity for (Amidase , Urease , L-Asparaginase , L-Glutaminase and L-Aspartase) in sunflower plant rhizosphere in two different textures and the effect of the fertilizers kinds (mineral fertilizer , organic fertilizer and biofertilizer) in enzymes activity , two sites were chosen , the first was clayey silt texture and the second was sandy loam texture were fertilized in one level for every kind of fertilizers . The mineral fertilizer (160N kg.h-1 were added in two times before the cultivated and the second before flowering and 80 kg. P2O5 kg.h-1 were added before cultivated and 80kg K2O kg h-1 were added before cultivated). Organic fertilizer (poultry manure) was added as one level 10 Ton.h-1 and the bio fertilizer (Mikro-kondi) were added spraying 5 letter.h-1 in two times when start of vegetation about (6-8) leaves and the second spray before flowering about 4 weeks after the first treatment .
The results were summarized as :
• Increasing of enzyme activity for all enzymes in rhizosphere than the bulk soil.
• The enzymes activity in clayey silt texture were increased than the enzymes activity in sandy loam texture in all fertilized treatments.
• The organic fertilizer has high values than the author fertilizer kinds in enzymes activities and it arranged as follow :
Organic fertilizer  biofertilizer  mineral fertilizer  control
The highest enzymes activities values were in Amidase and the lowest were in L-Asperginase and it arranged as follow :
Amidase  L-Aspartase  Urease  L-Glutaminase  L-Asparaginase