College of Agriculture –University of Baghdad


A biological experiment have been carried out in a wood tanta at the Department of soil science and water resources department with CRD design at three replications in 42 experimental units. Pots plastic have been used and placed in 12 kg soil and mix with organic waste( Cow residues , Date Palm residues without adjust C/N , Date Palm residues with adjust C/N) resulting from the decomposition of aerobic and anaerobic on the basis of 1% organic . Seeds of Zea mays. L. a variety of Fajer 1 have been planted on 01.07.2014 and the moisture of soil have been receipted to 0.33 bar. With the addition of mineral fertilizers, according to the recommendations fertilizers are added, nitrogen in the form of urea fertilizer (N% 46) after dissolved with water and an average of three batches the first is at the agriculture and the second after two weeks of agriculture and the third month after the agriculture either phosphorus has been added in the form of super fertilizer phosphate ( P% 20) after mixing it with the soil before planting either potassium it has been added in the form of potassium sulfate (K% 41.5) and on the first two installments before planting by mixing it with the soil and the second month after the agriculture with nitrogen fertilizer third installment recommendation is 80 kg N. h-1.160 kg P. h -1.100 kg K.h -1.All plants serve process as recommended during experiment period till flowering stage (60 day after planting). Samples of soil have been taken to determine some physical (aggregate stability) , chemical(pH . EC and CEC) and fertilizer (OM , active carbon , nitrogen available , phosphorus available , potassium available) properties of soil at the end of experiment period. Results showed a significant correlation between active carbon and available N content in soil with correlation coefficient (r) 0.77 , While it is a significant correlation between organic carbon with available P and K content in soil with correlation coefficient (r) (0.61 and 0.70 respectively).