College of agriculture University of Al-Basra


Field experiment has been conducted during 2014 season in farmer's fields in the Auffia district 14 km southwest of Missan province in mixtures of mud soil. The objective of the study is to determine the response of sunflower (Helianthus annuus.L) hybrid- flame to Proline amino acid to reduce water stress and maintaining irrigation periods . The experiment has been executed in split-plot in R.C.B.D design with three replicates. The main plots include irrigation periods (every 10 days; every 15 days and every 20 days). while the sub-plots include Proline treatments (50 mg L-1 ; 100mg L-1 and control treatment without spray ). After farming and applying the studied factors plants name reached to physiologic maturity. the outcome of results are analyzed statistically and compared with averages using L.S.D. test.
The results show surpasses that spraying Proline 100 mg L-1 concentration compared with the treatment without spraying in the characteristic of growth and quality and give high scours.
Also the result show the surpasses of irrigation every 10 days in the characteristic of growth and quality as compared with periods of irrigation (every 20 days) which gives less results. The results show that there is a moral interfere for Proline concentration and irrigation periods in most of studied characteristics and the opportunity to reduce irrigation number (irrigation every 15 days) when spraying plants in Proline acid 100 mg L-1 . This would save approximately 44% from irrigation water under the current environmental condition of Auffia-Missan.