Green University of Al Qasim College of Agriculture


The study area is selected in the central plain located between sedimentary latitudes 32°19'30.00" to 33°01'30.00" North and longitudes 43°39'00.00" to 44°52'30.11" East . Alpedonat sites have been identified by the GPS device, and mapped the content of clay soils horizons through studying GIS , as well as of the morphological characteristics mapped after converting them to quantitative attributes ( colour ,structure , consistency) to high clay content maps and this ensures that color appears dark more than the other soil structure of the clay content distributed maps that most construction rule is for the larger , this ratio is back to the type sub angular blocky and is prevalent in soils of arid and semi-arid of the shown the results of agent distribution maps of soil vary in distribution to content of clay , but is higher in clay content. This underlines the importance and the relevance of the content of clay in the soil morphological characteristics and importance in identifying many of the hydraulic and pneumatic relations as well as its importance for agricultural and engineering purposes .