The present study includes the identification of the blow fly Calliphora vicina that forensically important and reared on the different types and amounts of decaying animal tissues, the different effects of the of the qualities and quantities of life on some aspects of the performance for C. vicina fly which included: the weight and period duration development of larval and pupal stage, percentage of adults that have succeeded in the emergence of the pupa casing, for the purpose of investigating the type and quantity of the preferred food for the insect that has all the different stages, according to the results of the current study , the best quantity of food for the larvae of the insect is 25 grams of beef liver each ten larvae which give the highest rate of weight per larva (83.2 mg) , it also increases the speed of development and growth, it also gives the highest percentages of adult emergence with significant difference as a compared with the rest of the other weights, the best animal tissue used as food for the larvae of that insect was lung tissue cow which gives higher larval and pupal weights and high rates of adult emergence with significant differences from the rest of the tissue quality used in the feeding larvae.