The development and progression of many nations measured by its technical and aesthetic taste, the most beautiful cities in the world which infest beautiful landscaped gardens, the importance of gardening in general and, in particular, home garden, comes from being the beautiful frame for human habitation, add to it is the place which turn to in comfort time and a link between the human and the local environment.
The research aims at conducting an assessment of the reality of home gardens in Babylon province . questionnaire has been used to collect the data necessary to achieve the goals of research. The study found several results . The most important ones are : increasing the average home garden area which amounted to (79.1 m2) , the majority of home gardens (95.1%) is an front of the home, the dominant form of these gardens is the rectangle (45.1%), followed by box (32.6%), and most of the gardens (94%) planted with lial ,(76.6%) ornamentals and (56.5%) with fruit trees .