Print ISSN: 2077-5822

Online ISSN: 2618-1479

Keywords : Azospirillum

Zea mays L. Response to Humic Acid and Vaccination with Bacteria Azotobacter and Azospirillum

Jawad Abdul Kadhim Kamal

Al-Qadisiyah Journal For Agriculture Sciences, 2019, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 55-59
DOI: 10.33794/qjas.2019.162666

. A field experiment was conducted in the agricultural season (2016 - 2017) in one of the fields of college of Agriculture - University of AL- Qadisiyah on mays L. Zea to study the interrelated effect of both the acid and Azotobacter and Azospirillum. The experiment was applied according to RCBD design and three replicates. The treatment included 12 treatments resulting from the treatment of Control and Azotobacter , Azospirillum , organic fertilizer, The most important results reached:
1. Azotobacter + Azospirillum + organic fertilizer has the superior to the vegetative growth characteristics of mays by giving the highest average (number of leaves, dry weight of leaves, dry weight of root total) (24.67, 17.5 g, 8.17) g respectively, except for treatment (Azospirillum + organic fertilizer) was superior in plant height 92.0 cm.
2-Azotobacter + Azospirillum + organic fertilizer has the highest values for the chemical grade of mays in (potassium, calcium, sodium , respectively (0.243, 2.60 and 0.077) % .