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Keywords : Boron

The Effect of the Treatment of Foliar Different Nutritional and Hormonal on the Growth Yield of Four Varieties of Vica faba L.

Salama T. Al-Musawi; Faisal M. M. Al-Tahir

Al-Qadisiyah Journal For Agriculture Sciences, 2018, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 27-34
DOI: 10.33794/qjas.2018.162650

A field experiment is conducted during winter season 2015-2016 at Al-Bender zone dependent to farmer (3 km province center) to study effect of foliar of different treatment (Auxin, Boron, Proline and control) on growth and yield of four faba bean varieties(Aquadulce, Filo Semilles, Grano violetto and local). The experiment is Split-plot arrangement with Randomize Complete Block Design (R.C.B.D) with three replicates. Varieties have occupied the main plots while the treatment occupied the sub-plot.
The result of the experiment shows the treatment spry of Auxin get high mean of the height of plant (cm), No. of fertility branches, percentage contract(47%), total grain yield(3215 kg h-1) and content seed protein without significance of Boron spry treatment, also the harvest index was non-significant with treatment of with spraying of Boron and Proline. treatment of spry of proline is significant in branches vegetative and content seed proline.
The results show that the Aquadulec variety reaches the highest plant height , seed100 weight (178.2 gm) and total grain yield(3342 kg h-1). Variety Grano violetto reaches the highest leaf chlorophyll content, No. Pods per plant(33.06 Pods plant-1) No. vegetative branches, No. of seed per Pods(4.26 seed Pods-1) and seed proline content.
The combination of (Aquadulce-Auxin) reaches the highest means of plant height, fresh weight plant, While the combination (Aquadulce-Boron) give the highest No. of Pods (43.85 pod plant-1) and total grain yield(4084 kg h-1).-1).

Effect of Molybdenum and Boron on Yield Components and Yield of Broad Bean (Vicia faba L.)

Kadhim H. Huthily; Fatima FAl-Jubouri

Al-Qadisiyah Journal For Agriculture Sciences, 2015, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 87-95
DOI: 10.33794/qjas.2015.108686

A field experiment has been conducted during the winter season 2014-2015 in Abu Gosrah in the district of Abu-Alkhaseeb which is located 14.5 km south of center of Basra province to study the effect of adding molybdenum (Mo) and boron (B) in the yield components and yield of broad bean (Vicia faba L.) var. Luz de Otono. A factorial experiment is carried out with the design of randomized complete block design (RCBD) with four replicates, and includ two factors the first includes macerating seeds with three concentrations of molybdenum (0, 5 and 10 mg l-1) , and the second factor is spraying boron which includes three concentrations ( 0, 25 and 50 mg l-1 ), which are added to the plant in the form of boric acid (17.4% B).
The results show that macerating the seeds of broad bean with 10 mg l-1 molybdenum has led to a significant increase in the number of pods per plant , number of seeds in pod and the percentage of protein, also it gives the highest seed yield ( 3316 kg ha-1) and has reached up for the control by 36%. The spray of boron show significant superiority at the level of 50 mg l-1which give the highest number of pods per plant , number of seeds per pod and protein content of seeds, also it gives the highest value for seed yield (2921 kg ha- 1), which is not significantly different from the level of 25 mg B l-1 . The impact of the two nutrient is negative on the weight of 100 seeds and the highest weight has been obtained by control treatment. The overlap between the two factors show significant effect in the number of pods in plant ,the percentage of protein and the highest yield of seeds which reached is 3803 kg ha-1 by using 10 mg MoL-1+50 mgBL-1