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Keywords : organic matter

Spatial Variability of Soil Properties in Palm Groves of the Central Algerian Sahara (Case of Zelfana)


Al-Qadisiyah Journal For Agriculture Sciences, 2022, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 48-57
DOI: 10.33794/qjas.2022.132994.1028

Monitoring soil quality in irrigated areas is essential for assessing the sustainability of production systems. In this respect, the spatial variability of the properties of irrigated soils is a mean to know the evolution of the latter. This study aims to determine the spatial variability of soil organic matter, salinity, pH and active limestone using a geostatistical approach. The present study was carried out in the region of Zelfana located in the Algerian central Sahara, the samples were collected from a depth of 0 to 30 cm and analysed for organic matter, salinity, pH and active limestone. The analytical results show that the soil is very poor in organic matter, very salty, alkaline to very alkaline and moderately calcareous. The geostatistical analysis revealed various patterns and levels of spatial distribution of the studied properties. The results showed a weak spatial dependence for organic matter, moderate for pH and salinity and strong for active limestone. The variographic analysis showed that the nugget effect is weak for organic matter and pH, moderate for salinity, while active limestone does not show a nugget effect. The range varies from 75 meters for salinity to 299 meters for organic matter, confirming the validity of the adopted sampling and allowing the optimization of future sampling plans. The Arcgis autoKriging function was used to select the best theoretical variogram model from those most commonly used in geostatistics (Gaussian, spherical, exponential and circular). This model was used to produce the spatial variability maps using ordinary kriging. Spatial variability of soil properties is influenced by agricultural intensification, something that must be taken into consideration for integrated and sustainable land management in similar regions.

The Effect of Organic Matters on tow Cultivars of Rice (Anber-33 and Yassimen)

Ayeed Kadhim Maseer

Al-Qadisiyah Journal For Agriculture Sciences, 2014, Volume 4, Issue 2, Pages 116-126
DOI: 10.33794/qjas.2014.97293

A field experiment has been conducted at Diwaniya Governorat of 2010,2011 seasons . The study determines the effects of Agri ful on growth and yield of rice (oryza sativa) behavior of tow cultivars(Anber-33 and Yassimen).
The experiment has been conducted as a factorial experiment with R.C.B.D design with three Replicates to determine the best level of organic matter and best cultivars.
Results show that yassimen cultivar gives the first level (4liter h-400 liter water)of organic matter superior in giving higher grain Kg/Donum .due to the higher of filled panicle ,biological yield ,index harvest season 2010,2011 significantly higher than the other .
Anber-33 cultivar is superior in giving higer1000 grain significant weight higher than the other cultivar due to giving the lest mean of infertility percentage the interaction between the two cultivars and the three concretions of organic matter level is significant higher than the number of grain non filled panicle and infertility percentage and grain yield gm-1 .

The Effect of Different Levels of Cadmium and Organic Manure on Some Properties of Tomato Seedling ( Lycopersicon esculuntum ) Mill cv.Polyana

Baker Jilab Hadi; Turki Muftin Sa

Al-Qadisiyah Journal For Agriculture Sciences, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 10-19
DOI: 10.33794/qjas.2012.68146

The experiment is conducted during Winter season 2009-2010 in the Research
Station of College of Agriculture Al-Muthana University. Cadmium as a heavy
metals is applied at the rates ( 0 , 3 , and 6 mg/kg soil ) as CdCl2 , while organic
matter ( O M ) mixture are have been added at mixing rate of ( sand , 1sand : 1 )
O M ) and 1 sand : 2 ( O M ) as cow dung ) . The experiment is laid out in CRD
with 3 replicates in 27 pots . Data have been collected on plant height ,stem
diameter ,shoot wt , shoot DM , root length and root shoot ratio .The addition of
Cd has a significant deleterious effect on all the properties except root/shoot
ratio , while the O M has a significant effect on plant height and Root length
only . There is a significant interaction between some properties